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Project 1.0 Beta 2 for Battlefield 2
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  • 18.02.09
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Battlefield 2 cheat features nametags, health bars, aimbot, wallhack, radar, removals and more
Unmodified Readme for Project 1.0 Beta 2
Project 1.0 ~ Beta 2
by ultimate-tester

Hello all, and here's another release.

Some general things has changed:

- Temp removed the force commander
- Temp removed the squadleader
- Temp removed the unlimited supplies

This all because of crashes I'm searching WHY it crashes.. Also the code needs an update for these 3 hacks. They where put together a little bit messy. For example, if you enabled squadleader when in NO squad, then you crashed.


- Save and Load functions
- Team switch
- Squad Jumping
- Zoom hack


- Made everything with classes which was possible.
- Chams. Your friends are ALWAYS blue and green, and enemies are ALWAYS red and yellow!
- If you are @ the last menu-item, and you press down again, it goes to the first one. Same when you are @ the first menu-item, and you press UP, it goes to the last one.



You can enable/disable the menu with DELETE, and you can enable/disable the selected hack with the RIGHT key. Selecting hacks goes with UP, and DOWN.

Save and Load:

If you are using the new Project 1.0 for the first time, then just press SAVE in the menu (DELETE key). Then, you will find a file called Project 1.0.ini in your C:\ harddisk. There you can edit some things. You can also just turn on your favorite hacks, and then press SAVE (of course). But.. in the ini file you can also set the CROSSHAIR color

Squad jumping:

If you turn this on without being in a squad, then you will be moved to squad number 1. Mostly Alpha. You can Jump through squads with the + and - key. Simple as that If you turn OFF the squad jumping hack, you will go back to your original squad, or be squadless if you was before.

Zoom hack:

This function is NOT visible in the menu. Just press the MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON (the scrollweel) to zoom in! Works always and doesn't crash whenever you use it!

.. This hack doesn't completely work with HANDHELD weapons. If you move, it will lag a little bit. With vehicles it works perfect.


This release includes an UPDATE program made in visual basic 2008. It will download the newest release of project 1.0, and saves it where ever you want it to. The program is very easy! Just click and read!


Project 1.0 credits:

- Ultimate-Tester
- Zoomgod
- TürkStyle
- Haxing4Life
- Revolty
- doobie
- tally123
- ReUnioN
- -K@N@VEL-
- enri217
- raiders
- Sparten
- ColdIce
- Kidebr (new)

:: This list is not sorted, so it doesnt mean who did help the most! ::

SHBF2_light source:

- mcMike
- mm
- n7
- [kosire]
- Cox
- Muhko

Injector credits:

- Azorbix
- Sparten

:: STILL The only credits I could find for the N7BF2 injector




PS: This hack is still detected by PB. You will never get a ban with this hack! Only a kick because it shuts down the PB module

PS2: IMPORTANT: If you have any crash with this hack, report it here! Say WHEN it crashed, and which hack was on!

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