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WoW EMu Hack for World of Warcraft
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  • 25.02.09
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World of Warcraft Emu hack for 3.0.3
Unmodified Readme for WoW EMu Hack
Some Users have reported that tho their World of Warcraft Clients are Supported version for their
version of WoWEmuHacker, that they have had Unsupported Errors when trying to use WEH.

Here is a List of Supported MD5 Hash's for Clients that WEH is designed to work with:

           Clients                MD5 Hash's

WoW 3.0.8a                BA69976B0E6D889210A2B4CA74CFDC08
WoW 3.0.8                 F4A5DE0D638C91FD44F0B22A856E7CFC
WoW 3.0.3                 ff932a383c725805445b889b17d8164b
WoW 2.4.3                 57c5c03097103e15f9abe2803aebdc3c
WoW 2.4.3 Arigity Modded  e09e17991f77929df8b7c86a6aeabf04
WoW 2.4.2                 2d9364cb743f1ddb9ea897406401efa5
WoW 2.4.0                 4269929dfb2f1f7fedc0f07964cd1123

If you are getting the "Unsupported" Error I have added a "Get MD5" option to WEH, using this option
You can get the MD5 of any file including your WoW Client and compare it with the above listed files.

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