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Skell-TF2-XQZ-Wallhack V4.0 for Team Fortress 2
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  • VALVe Anti-Cheat 2
  • Skelletor
  • 09.06.08
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  • 144.19 kb
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Team Fortress 2 Material Wallhack
Unmodified Readme for Skell-TF2-XQZ-Wallhack V4.0
This is a Model/Shader wallhack for Team Fortress 2 made by Skelletor
Visit: http://game-hackers.com/forum/ for support and updates.

- XQZ Colored Player Wallhack (Red team Has Red player models with Green Heads & Blue Team Has Blue With Green Heads)
- XQZ Weapon Wallhack
- XQZ Briefcase & Flag Wallhack
- XQZ ammokit & mediclekit Wallhack
- XQZ colored sentrygun wallhack (Green)
- XQZ colored Spawn Turrits wallhack (Green)
- XQZ Medic Beams Wallhack
- XQZ Teleport Wallhack
- XQZ Dispenser Wallhack
- XQZ Pipe bombs wallhack
- No Scope

VAC2 Proofness:

This is a Model/Shader Cheat IS and WILL NEVER BE DETECTED BY VAC2.
The worst thing that can happen is that you get blocked by the consistency check.
When this happens just delete your materials folder or just the file that got blocked
And you can join all the servers again.

Consistency Status:
The Consistency status is Poof. You will not get kicked/blocked/banned.
It's undetected for always


1. Go to your materials folder for example: C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Your Account Name\Team Fortress 2\tf\materials2. Open the materials Cheat folder and place all folders in the tf\materials folder.
3. If it's asking to overwrite say YES TO ALL

1. Start TF2
2. Have Fun At Your Owning

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