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Sorien Rohan: Blood Feud Hack v2 for Rohan Online Blood Feud
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  • 20.07.08
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Rohan Online: Blood Feud Cheat that simulates GM commands, allows uber High Damage Attacks continuously as well as teleportation and all cooldown removal. The ultimate Rohan hack. Notice : Frequent disconnects due to mismatch w/ GameGuard.
Unmodified Readme for Sorien Rohan: Blood Feud Hack v2
Extract all these files to your Rohan folder, and run rohanclient_h.exe to play from now on.

If this ever gets patched, I'll try to update it and re-release it as soon as possible.

I'll try and list as many changed things as possible, but I've changed so much that I've forgotten some of it. ;p

Anywhere, here goes:

Skip the patcher.
Removed GameGuard.
Disabled Error Reporting to YNK, so they can't see any changes to the client.
See all player/monster levels, hp, mana, etc.
See Dhan/Dekan names while they are in assassination mode
See all player names while YOU are in assassination mode.
Removed cooldowns on skills. (Press it twice to use it and remove the cooldown.)
Enabled Full GM/Admin commands. (Mostly, Only client-side ones will work)
Cast Spells while Moving.
Do high damage while normal attacking. (Works best with Elf / Dark Elf)
Removed the Chat Filter.

Okay, now to go more in-depth for the GM Commands.

I'll only explain a few important ones and let you guys figure the rest out for yourself.

/gmspeed number
This command will set your movement speed, I use /gmspeed 15 most of the time.

This command will set your game to a test camera mode that allows you to walk through walls.

You can also teleport short distances by double clicking on your mini-map.

To use the high damage, open the hacked EXE game, then run the controller EXE.
Once the game is started, Press Numpad + or enable the High Damage Hack manually.
Then just use auto attack on a monster once, don't use skills, it'll just slow you down.

To tell if a monster has died, check your experience, as the game uses prediction and it will not die correctly on your or other players screens.

Also, you can sit down to refresh the prediction, which will make any dead monsters die and update anythings HP that you have hit.

I've also included a debugging Config file, only extract this file if you want to test things, and know what youre doing a little.

I know there's more things I've done, I just cant remember them, try to figure them out on your own.

Anyway, Happy Leeching. ;p

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