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AoC Grinder for Age of Conan
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Age Of Conan Grinding bot
Unmodified Readme for AoC Grinder
Current Version: 0.8AoC 

Grinder Installation Download - AoC Grinder Installer.exe
Mirror: RapidShare: Easy Filehosting(save to your desktop)
(Windows Vista users: you will need to right-click the installer and choose "Run As Administrator" if you are not already on your admin account)
Note that 64-bit systems are not supported, but some people have managed to get it to work. Try it out anyways.Alternatively, you can manually install the bot if the installer is not working for you.

Download the above file and run it. Simply click the "Install" button and all of the necessary files will be downloaded onto your desktop. There should be 3 files total in a folder called "AoC Grinder"... AoC Grinder.exe, AutoItX3.dll, and Interop.AutoItX3Lib.dll. Note that AoC Grinder was NOT written in AutoIt, but it calls the AutoIt dll file to use some of its functions.

After you run the installer once, you can delete it completely. The bot will automatically update itself as needed when you start it. If you have any problems, please visit the forums.


AoC Grinder is the most advanced experience grinding bot available for Age of Conan. It features an easy-to-use interface, fully customizable options for every last detail, and is fully capable of grinding every class from 1 to 80 within a respectable period of time. AoC Grinder is, and always will be, the ultimate grinding bot for Age of Conan. That's a promise.


    * Supports all 12 classes - no one is left out!

    * YOU are in control of what combos and spells are used. This also means that any feat template can integrate perfectly into AoC Grinder's system

    * Automatically reads all combo attacks - you are free to use any combo in the game, flawlessly

    * Heals, loots, and can even be programmed to harvest resources

    * Casts and re-casts buffs as needed

    * Uses an accurate, easy-to-use travel pathing system - say goodbye to those 2nd class bots that sprint around randomly, running into walls

    * Live messaging system allows administrators to come in contact with AoC Grinder users to alert them of updates and other important news while the bot is running

    * Bot is updated often to add new features - these updates are installed automatically using AoC Grinder's live updating system

    * Virtually undetectable - extreme measures have been taken to ensure that 

you will not be caught at any time

    * Full customer support provided to everyone - responses usually take no longer than a few hours! 

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